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Dear friends of the SANNI Foundation

My father Gunther Schroff already lived by the conviction: “As an entrepreneur, I feel obliged to thank the society that has given me the opportunity for entrepreneurial success through selfless deeds”. This philosophy was given to me by my parents, and I am very grateful for it. The principle “helping others makes you happy” is simply true!

It made me even happier when other people got involved with the SANNI Foundation together with me with a lot of heart, joy and also financially. Corinne Fischer, honorary Vice President of the Foundation Council for 13 years, is one of these people. Corinne Fischer has been instrumental in enabling the SANNI Foundation to grow and support more and more people in recent years.

In this newsletter, Corinne Fischer tells us why she has been involved with the SANNI Foundation for so long.

Sincerely yours,
Susanne Schroff

Corinne Fischer, how did you become involved with the SANNI Foundation?

Susanne Schroff, the founder and president of this foundation, is also an entrepreneur and a good friend of mine for many years. With the establishment of the SANNI Foundation in 2010, she opened a door to a completely new world for me. The vision, values and goals of the SANNI Foundation have convinced me 100% from the very beginning.

What are your responsibilities at the Foundation?

As Vice President of the Foundation Council, one of my main tasks is to find donors. With a lot of enthusiasm, I try to find new sponsors for our numerous projects in Myanmar and India. I am overjoyed every time I can get other people and foundations “on board”.

What is your motivation to continue working for the foundation?

Thanks to the SANNI Foundation, we have been able to save and improve the lives of many sick, hungry, desperate people. And just as important, we enable children, youth and women in particular to find a way out of the poverty trap through education.

Do you visit the projects personally?

I support 6 children in South India and Myanmar and when my schedule allows, I travel with a delegation of the Foundation Board to the field every year to check the books and project implementation. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing how the projects develop and the people flourish. In direct contact on site, this always touches me and makes me grateful.

What do you wish for the future of the SANNI Foundation?

Continuity in the projects is important, because our partners on the ground need a certain security for the future. That is why I would like our donors to remain loyal to us and support us on our way. Continuity within the Foundation is also important. I am therefore particularly pleased that Susanne was able to motivate her nephews to become actively involved in the Foundation. This gives us new ideas and, above all, a new generation to drive the Foundation forward.

Corinne Fischer is Chairman of the Board and co-owner of Bataillard AG.
Bataillard is the largest privately owned wine wholesaler in Switzerland. It carries wines from all over the world in its assortment and supplies the specialized wine trade, the gastronomic wholesale trade and the retail trade. Bataillard also owns companies such as Wyhus Belp, Hofer Wine&Spirits AG and Steinfels Weinauktionen AG. In addition to Bataillard, Corinne Fischer is on other boards of directors and foundations.

Become a part of the SANNI Foundation and give children a better future

Would you also like to contribute to giving one or more children a better future? For less than 1 CHF or 1 EUR per day (360 CHF or 300 EUR per year) you can sponsor a child in Myanmar and join our mission. A sponsorship provides a child living in poverty with support in the areas of nutrition, education, household and hygiene, as well as special lessons and vocational training when they are older. You can find more information at:

Don’t want to make a long-term commitment, but want to provide important help in the current emergency? Donations of any amount to our children’s fund, whose resources are used exclusively for the benefit of children in Myanmar, are always welcome. Find out more at:

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