Letter from Susanne Schroff

Achieving a lot with a little

“Do you know my sponsor?” I am often asked this question during my visits to India and Myanmar. It gives the children an incredible amount of strength and self-confidence to know that there is someone on the other side of the world who believes in them. The sponsored children are not only in better health, but also seem happier and more fulfilled visit after visit. Witnessing how – due to the support with only the most necessary things – the lives of so many people have changed for the better, now filled with joy and meaning, motivates and strengthens me in my commitment.

With a – by our standards – small contribution of CHF/EUR 1 per day we can improve not only the lives of those who directly benefit from our help, but also the lives of many people around them.

After all, food, medical care and education give confidence. The confidence that is needed to see a future in which they are self-reliant and participate in life. And this confidence is contagious.

As part of the SANNI family, you ensure that the warmth of the rising sun also reaches those who are on the dark side of life.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Susanne Schroff
Founder and President of the Foundation Board

Susanne Schroff
Susanne Schroff
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