In Myanmar, SANNI Foundation focus on a slum area on the outskirts of Yangon city called Hlaingthayar, working in partnership with Medical Action Myanmar, a medical NGO with over 20 years experience and their dedicated directors Dr Ni Ni Tun and Dr Frank Smithuis (both formally Medicines San Frontiers).

We have three projects to support impoverished communities, focusing on young children and women:

  • Our Lotus clinic provides free health care with services such as HIV, tuberculosis, family planning, paediatric care and blindness prevention.
  • Our Child Sponsorship program provides education, food and household and hygiene items to vulnerable children. We also work with these children as they become adults to develop their employment skills to help them become independent.
  • Our Motherhouse is a special home for orphaned or abandoned children to live safely and are provided everything they need to grow up healthy, educated and ready for an exciting future.

Current situation in Myanmar/Our security arrangements

The February 1st 2021 coup in Myanmar has changed most aspects of life and has greatly limited access to vital services such as education and health care. This new environment is estimated to put over 50% of the entire population at risk of descending into poverty.

SANNI Foundation is committed to all our projects and will continue supporting the extremely vulnerable and impoverished. We would like to assure a few important points about our future activities in Myanmar:

SANNI Foundation has no connection to the military or its legislative branch. SANNI has secure methods of international and domestic financial transfer to ensure the continuation of projects. We use an internationally accepted list of businesses to not purchase from and to avoid any contact or transaction with military-affiliated groups. In addition, all projects are audited to ensure the safety of staff and benefactors.


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Dr. Ni Ni Tun & Dr. Frank Smithuis
Dr. Ni Ni Tun & Dr. Frank Smithuis

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