There are no administrative costs for the SANNI Foundation, as these are borne entirely by the founding Schroff family. One hundred percent of all donations always benefit those in need.

  • Dr. Frank Smithuis
    Dr. Frank Smithuis Director, Medical Action Myanmar

    Dr Frank Smithuis was the director of Médecins Sans Frontières Myanmar from 1994-2009. Then, with his wife, Dr Ni Ni Tun, founded Medical Action Myanmar, SANNI’s long term partner.

    Dr Frank is also an Associate Professor at Oxford University, a specialist in infectious diseases and world renowned for his over 4-decade long commitment to improving health care in South East Asia.

  • Dr. Ni Ni Tun
    Dr. Ni Ni Tun Director, Medical Action Myanmar

    Dr Ni Ni Tun is a pioneering doctor who has dedicated her career to improving health care services in Myanmar. After working for Médecins Sans Frontières for almost 10 years, she founded with her husband, Dr Frank Smithuis, Medical Action Myanmar in 2009.

    Dr Ni Ni is accredited with having played a vital role in the improvements of HIV-related care in Myanmar and has trained a new generation of doctors in her industry-leading skills.

  • Father Jose
    Father Jose Director, St John’s Medical Village, India

    Father Jose is a catholic priest with over 20 years’ experience creating and managing social welfare projects for vulnerable populations in Kerala, India. Since 2000, he developed a small diabetic clinic into a complex holistic medical village alongside child support programs and female empowerment projects benefiting thousands of people.

    «My life mission is the upliftment of the poor and marginalised, and care, cure and protect the weaker.»

  • Susanne Schroff
    Susanne Schroff Managing Director

    «Helping others makes yourself happy! Many of us were born privileged. Helping those with whom fate has not been so kind should be a matter of course.»

  • Maximilian C. Schroff
    Maximilian C. Schroff Project Manager Germany

    «It is the individual who is not interested in his fellow men who has the greatest difficulties in life and provides the greatest injury to others. It is from among such individuals that all human failures spring.»
    Alfred Adler

  • Michèle Gürtler
    Michèle Gürtler Head of Office

    «Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference.»
    Helen James

  • Romiel Sommer
    Romiel Sommer Communication

    «Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.»
    James Baldwin

  • Ulrich Schmieder
    Ulrich Schmieder Administration Germany

    «Ich freue mich, in diesem Team die Finanzen zu kontrollieren und bin stolz, dass bei SANNI Foundation jeder gespendete Franken und jeder Euro zu 100% gemeinnützig verwendet wird.»

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