SANNI Foundation ambassadors are outgoing personalities from various fields of society who represent the vision and objectives of the foundation positively and support them actively. The ambassadors can work for the foundation in line with their talents. They are not paid. This is a valuable activity that can afford real pleasure.

Ambassadors Switzerland

  • Jane Dornbierer-Wu
    Jane Dornbierer-Wu
  • Manuela Tatjana Frey
    Manuela Tatjana Frey Fotograf: Rafa Dos Santos
  • Oana Baloi
    Oana Baloi
  • Asha Hall
    Asha Hall
  • Nanette Haubensak
    Nanette Haubensak
  • Frédérique Hutter
    Frédérique Hutter
  • Martina Baeriswyl-Holzach
    Martina Baeriswyl-Holzach
  • Belen Bolliger
    Belen Bolliger
  • Marc Wyss
    Marc Wyss
  • André Kiser
    André Kiser
  • Lutz Timmen
    Lutz Timmen
  • Zina Mary Manjaly
    Zina Mary Manjaly
  • Lis Tempini
    Lis Tempini
  • Michael Taraba
    Michael Taraba

Ambassadors Germany

  • Klaus Link
    Klaus Link
  • Maximilian C. Schroff
    Maximilian C. Schroff
  • Julius Schlick
    Julius Schlick
  • Arjun Rai Gupta
    Arjun Rai Gupta

What can ambassadors do?

An ambassador represents the ideas of the SANNI Foundation in the public realm.
They tell friends, relatives and others about their work in the foundation and inform them of the objectives, successes and projects. This can take place in conversations, private meetings and at public presentations.

  • Sponsor at least one child in need.
  • Carry the idea of the SANNI Foundation out into the public realm.
  • Inform friends, relatives and others about the work of the foundation.
  • Tell about the objectives, successes and projects of the SANNI foundation in small or large circles, at presentations, meetings or in personal conversations.
  • Place links to the SANNI Foundation website under their email signatures or on their own websites.
  • Place SANNI advertising banners on their own websites.
  • Share activities on Facebook and Instagram: post & comment on articles by the SANNI Foundation, invite friends and inform them of the foundation.
  • Distribute SANNI brochures and flyers (gyms, medical practices, friends, etc.).
  • Donations instead of gifts: instead of (birthday) presents, ask friends for a donation or, in cooperation with employers, make a donation to the foundation in place of Christmas gifts for customers.
  • Give donations as gifts: give away sponsorships and SANNI merchandising as presents.
  • Establish new contacts in the SANNI Foundation to other people and organizations.

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