Passion is contagious

Dear friends of the SANNI Foundation What drives us? I think it’s the belief that we can make a difference. That we have a vision and a plan and that we can keep moving forward along this [...]

Give the gift of confidence and future

Dear friends of the SANNI Foundation Everyday life can be tedious: deadlines chasing each other, family members demanding our attention, an acquaintance stealing our time with supposed trifles. [...]

Make a difference together

Dear friends of the SANNI Foundation My father Gunther Schroff already lived by the conviction: “As an entrepreneur, I feel obliged to thank the society that has given me the opportunity [...]


Dear friends of SANNI Foundation Since the beginning of the SANNI Foundation, I have met many people and their fates during my travels in India and Myanmar. Every single one of them touches my [...]

Sachin supports his mother

Thanks to your support, Sachin has completed an apprenticeship as a sanitary fitter. Today he works in a supermarket in Trivandrum and earns enough to support himself and his blind mother.

Rahul is a shoe salesman at BATA

Rahul came to the St. John's centre in Trivandrum as an HIV-positive child. Thanks to your donations, Rahul received medical treatment and the opportunity to complete an education.


Since its inception in 2010, one of the principles of the SANNI Foundation has been to empower people to earn their own livelihoods. In Myanmar, the situation remains extremely difficult due to [...]