Neues Projekt in Delhi

Ende 2022 haben wir in einem Slumgebiet in Delhi ein neues Projekt gestartet. Rund 150 Kinder, die ohne Bildung aufwachsen würden, erhalten Unterstützung, um auf die Schule gehen zu können.


Dear friends of SANNI Foundation Thank you very much for your loyal support, which enabled us to further expand our activities in India and in Myanmar in 2022. In November, I traveled to India. [...]


A special gift this Christmas Christmas is around the corner and this year the SANNI Foundation has the perfect gift for you! Give a friend, a loved one or yourself something special this [...]

Bicycle-action in Myanmar

Dear Friends of the SANNI Foundation November is an exciting month for the SANNI Foundation! We will be participating in the “Green Friday” movement, which is on November 25th. This [...]


Dear Friends of SANNI Foundation Despite all the difficult circumstances, we should not forget the beautiful things in life. Because often it is good to take a step back from everything [...]


Dear friends of SANNI Foundation With pleasure we would like to report about the “SANNI-Adolescent-Workshop” in Myanmar. The workshop was intended for HIV-positive children and [...]


Dear friends of SANNI Foundation Since the coup in Myanmar on 1 February last year, the country has been in a devastating, civil war-like state, which is only marginally covered in our media [...]

Success story of Fatima

Fatima is one of more than 500 children we have been able to support with an education and a path to a good life through the sponsorship programme.

Success story of Soorya

Soorya had a tragic start in life. He was three years old when his father found out that he was HIV-positive. In India, even today, if you are infected with HIV, you are considered an outcast.