The Foundation

The SANNI Foundation is a non-profit foundation dedicated to the education of children and youth, the fight against extreme poverty, the promotion of healthcare and the empowerment of women. We are active where the need is greatest and sustainable help can be provided. We are currently supporting long-term projects in southern India and Myanmar. Yet, we also support social projects in Switzerland and Germany. In any case, one hundred percent of all donations reach those in need.

A great interest in people, the knowledge of the various, harrowing fates and the joy of helping and changing – this is our basis and the reason why we are committed to helping children and adults in need with the SANNI Foundation.

By 2030, the United Nations want to achieve the so-called Sustainable Development Goals. Through its projects SANNI Foundation also contributes to the achievement of the following goals:

Our principles and core values

We support long term holistic projects using local initiatives and representatives with an already existing infrastructure and local leaders we personally know. We strongly believe in using local projects and people to create the best support network and make genuine long-term positive impact. We visit and audit the projects every year to check the developments and ensure correct use of resources. SANNI staff work on a voluntary basis with administrative costs covered by the founding family Schroff. A key policy of the SANNI foundation is for 100% of all donations to always go directly into our projects.

Our work is guided by transparency, authenticity, effectiveness and efficiency. Our work is characterized by respect, joy, openness and sincerity.

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