Impact Report 2023 Myanmar

Auch in 2023 konnten wir viel mit unseren Projekten in Myanmar bewegen. Unser engagiertes Team vor Ort ist weiterhin – auch in schwierigen Zeiten – mit vollem Herzblut dabei und unterstützt, wo [...]

A laughing child is good for the soul

Dear friends of the SANNI Foundation In 2023, I was able to visit both of the SANNI Foundation’s priority countries, India and Myanmar, for the first time in a long time. The deep gratitude [...]

Fashion Sale

Create Space in Your Wardrobe and Give Children a Future Do you also love the good feeling of starting the new year tidied up? Then go ahead and sort out your wardrobe. Your well-preserved items [...]

Gifts with a lasting impact

Dear friends of the SANNI Foundation Have you already bought all the presents for your loved ones? Are you missing the right gift for your father-in-law, who received the beautiful cufflinks last [...]

Passion is contagious

Dear friends of the SANNI Foundation What drives us? I think it’s the belief that we can make a difference. That we have a vision and a plan and that we can keep moving forward along this [...]

Give the gift of confidence and future

Dear friends of the SANNI Foundation Everyday life can be tedious: deadlines chasing each other, family members demanding our attention, an acquaintance stealing our time with supposed trifles. [...]

Make a difference together

Dear friends of the SANNI Foundation My father Gunther Schroff already lived by the conviction: “As an entrepreneur, I feel obliged to thank the society that has given me the opportunity [...]


Dear friends of SANNI Foundation Since the beginning of the SANNI Foundation, I have met many people and their fates during my travels in India and Myanmar. Every single one of them touches my [...]