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Dear friends of the SANNI Foundation

Everyday life can be tedious: deadlines chasing each other, family members demanding our attention, an acquaintance stealing our time with supposed trifles. But hand on heart, is this all really so bad? I don’t want to judge our society in any way, but still allow myself to remind us how lucky we are to have been born and to live in Switzerland, Germany or in any other developed country.

In Myanmar, around 40% of the population lives on just one dollar a day. With that, you can barely feed a family, let alone think about sending your children to school. Extreme poverty is a vicious circle and is accompanied by malnutrition, lack of sanitation, untreated diseases, unemployment and much more. The SANNI Foundation aims to break this cycle. We cannot save the whole world, but we can help make the world a better place. In this newsletter you will learn how you can support people in Myanmar or India together with the SANNI Foundation.

Yours sincerely,
Susanne Schroff

PS: Save the Date

Our popular Fashion Sale will take place again next year! Make a note now for 22-23 March 2024, more details to follow.

Give school packages as a gift

School attendance in Myanmar is free, but families have to pay for school uniforms, textbooks and writing materials themselves. A so-called school package costs the equivalent of about 40 Swiss Francs/Euros. How can this be done when the income is not even one dollar per day? Give away school packages and enable children in Myanmar to take a first step out of poverty.

Give away contributions to empower women

way, the women and mothers can feed their families and possibly earn some extra money by selling their products at local markets. Any amount is welcome so that we can keep expanding our income-generating ventures through self-help groups.

Contact us, we would be very happy to design the confidence or future gift voucher that suits you.

Become a part of the SANNI Foundation and give children a better future

Would you also like to contribute to giving one or more children a better future? For less than 1 CHF or 1 EUR per day (360 CHF or 300 EUR per year) you can sponsor a child in Myanmar and join our mission. A sponsorship provides a child living in poverty with support in the areas of nutrition, education, household and hygiene, as well as special lessons and vocational training when they are older. You can find more information at:
Don’t want to make a long-term commitment, but want to provide important help in the current emergency? Donations of any amount to our children’s fund, whose resources are used exclusively for the benefit of children in Myanmar, are always welcome. Find out more at:

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