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Bank transfer

Hypo Vereinsbank Karlsruhe

Konto Nr.: 2340682
BLZ 660 202 86
IBAN: DE98 6602 0286 0002 3406 82



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Donate to Switzerland

Bank transfer

UBS AG, CH-8098 Zürich

Konto: 206-176251

IBAN CHF: CH12 0020 6206 1762 5101 V
IBAN EUR: CH03 0020 6206 1762 5161 D
IBAN USD: CH29 0020 6206 1762 5160 X

Gift Cards

Are you looking for a meaningful gift? Then donate in the name of a loved one, friend or acquaintance and at the same time bring light into the lives of children and needy people in India and Myanmar! Choose one of the wonderful projects to donate to and you will receive a gift card.

Quick support

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts on behalf of the underprivileged for your donation. Your support will give the poorest of the poor hope of a better future and joy of life. Thank you for helping us to put a smile on the face of children. We guarantee you that all donations will benefit the needy in full and be used where they are urgently needed.

We thank you in the name of the poor and needy in India and Myanmar for your help in funding these current projects: Current projects

Spende Link Betrag
Children’s Fund. Children’s Fund India
Children’s Fund Myanmar
Any Amount
Sponsorship for a needy child from Myanmar. Sponsorship Myanmar CHF 360 | 360 EUR annualy
Sponsorship for a needy child from India. Sponsorship India CHF 360 | 360 EUR annualy
Rescue of malnourished children. Malnutrition Children CHF 280 | 280 EUR
Childcare in the orphanage in Myanmar. Motherhouse Any Amount
Food package for a family in Myanmar for a whole year.   CHF 170 | 170 EUR
Medical care for sick people in Myanmar. Healthcare Myanmar Any Amount
Tuberculosis Therapy. Tuberculosis Therapy CHF 140 | 140 EUR
Leprosy reconstruction surgery in India. Leprosy India CHF 530 | 530 EUR
Sustainable projects in India or Myanmar. Sustainable projects Any Amount
Solar Panel for a family in Myanmar. 10 x Solar Panel CHF 105 | 105 EUR
Solar Panel for 10 families in Myanmar. Solar Panel CHF 1’050 | 1’050 EUR
Entrepreneurial self-help groups for women in India. Women Empowerment Any Amount
Support for two Indian families with mushroom cultivation. Mushroom cultivation CHF 350 | 350 EUR
A home for an Indian family. House in India CHF 5’500 | 5’500 EUR

Sponsorship in India

We sincerely believe children should be able to laugh and experience love and happiness. Help us make this wish come true and sponsor a child for less than one Swiss franc per day. With a sponsorship of CHF 360 / 360 EUR per year you can provide an Indian child with medical treatment, schooling, shelter and loving care. Our local representative, Father Jose, will report regularly to you on your sponsor child. And the Indian children will thank you with their beaming smiles. Find out more about sponsorship in India.

Sponsorship in Myanmar

There is immense hardship and immeasurable poverty in Myanmar.  Left completely to fend for themselves, often without parents, abandoned or neglected, undernourished and sick, the youngest of the poor arrive at our clinic in Yangon. With shocking pasts and a future virtually without chance. With a sponsorship of CHF 360 / 360 EUR per year you can give such a child a new life, a sense of security, hope and a chance for the future. Your sponsor child receives medicine, food, toiletries and, above all, loving care. Thank you for making our world better. Find out more about sponsorship in Myanmar.

Fashion Sale

Donate your designer clothes. Part of the proceeds will go directly to the needy in southern India and Myanmar.

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