Trivandrum / Kerala

The Schroff family has been involved in India for over 30 years.

In southern India, Trivandrum, we support St. John’s Health Services. What started more than 30 years ago with diabetes camps has now become a medical village. The institution is run by Father Jose, a Catholic priest who gives hope to the poorest of the poor with endless patience, a great deal of dynamism and, above all, a great deal of love and heart. His goal is to lead people of all religions strengthened and healthy into a future in which they can help and provide for themselves. St. John’s Health Services has with the help of the SANNI Foundation developed into a professional organization and now runs a self-sustaining community hospital, a leprosy clinic, an HIV/AIDS clinic, a cancer clinic, children’s homes, schools, a training center and programs for women. All donations received for the people in Southern India reach the needy in full and without deduction.

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Father Jose
Father Jose

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