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Dear friends of SANNI Foundation

Since the beginning of the SANNI Foundation, I have met many people and their fates during my travels in India and Myanmar. Every single one of them touches my heart. This is why I am all the more motivated to promote the SANNI Foundation and to encourage as many people as possible to become involved.

In this newsletter we will tell you success stories. Yes, that’s right: The life stories of Rahul, Asna, Sacchin and Soorya are success stories thanks to you. And we will continue to fight for every child and every related success story.

A sponsorship costs CHF 360 per year. With only CHF 1 per day, you give a child in India or Myanmar a future. Contact us and forward this newsletter to as many of your friends as possible. Children in India and Myanmar are looking forward to the beginning of their success story.

Sincerely yours,
Susanne Schroff

Soorya becomes a car mechanic

Soorya’s fate is particularly touching. When he was three years old, his father found out that he was HIV-positive. In India, this diagnosis is accompanied by total social ostracism. As a result, he set himself and his wife, Soorya’s mother, on fire. The little child came to Father Jose severely traumatised. At St. John’s, Soorya received medicine, food, clothes and, above all, lots and lots of love. Today, Soorya is 17 years old, plays football and basketball and has started training as a car mechanic. St. John’s is still his beloved home.Today, Soorya is 17 years old, plays football and basketball and has started training as a car mechanic. St. John’s is his beloved home.

Rahul is a shoe salesman at BATA

Rahul came to the St. John’s centre in Trivandrum as an HIV-positive child. Thanks to your donations, Rahul received medical treatment and the opportunity to complete an education. Today, Rahul is a shoe salesman in a BATA shoe shop. And what’s more, Rahul is married and recently became the father of a healthy, HIV-negative child. Rahul and his family now live in a house built by the SANNI Foundation.

Asna is already expecting her second child

Asna also came to Father Jose as an HIV-positive child. Medical treatments have stabilised her health and Asna is now a healthy young woman. In the meantime, Asna has married and is the mother of a healthy, HIV-negative child. The family will soon grow: Asna is expecting her second child with great joy. Asna and her family can also call a house built by the SANNI Foundation their home.

Sachin supports his mother

Thanks to your support, Sachin has completed an apprenticeship as a sanitary fitter. Today he works in a supermarket in Trivandrum and earns enough to support himself and his blind mother. A child in need of help has become a young man who now in turn supports his mother. Sachin and his mother also live in their own house, which was made available to the family thanks to your donations.

Become a part of the SANNI Foundation and give children a better future

Would you also like to contribute to giving one or more children a better future? For less than 1 CHF or 1 EUR per day (360 CHF or 300 EUR per year) you can sponsor a child in Myanmar and join our mission. A sponsorship provides a child living in poverty with support in the areas of nutrition, education, household and hygiene, as well as special lessons and vocational training when they are older. You can find more information at:

Don’t want to make a long-term commitment, but want to provide important help in the current emergency? Donations of any amount to our children’s fund, whose resources are used exclusively for the benefit of children in Myanmar, are always welcome. Find out more at:


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