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Dear Friends of SANNI Foundation

There are reasons to celebrate from our India project! The 4th November was the start of India’s biggest festival and many of SANNI’s beneficiaries celebrated Diwali, the Festival of Light. This beautiful festival brings people of many different faiths together to celebrate light over darkness, goodness over evil and wisdom over ignorance.

I think we can all learn something about this festival, to share some of the light in our fortunate lives and share it with those suffering in darkness. As we approach the Christmas period, a time of celebration and giving, we must not forget those struggling. Later in this Newsletter you can find ways you can help the impoverished and vulnerable in Myanmar and India.

I also want to give my great thanks to our ambassador Frederique Hutter who organised a wonderful and successful art exhibition called «Kids for Kids» of art made by Swiss children with the proceeds going to support our housing project in India.
We are now able to build 4 new homes for homeless families in Kerala.

Susanne Schroff

Happy Diwali celebrations at St John’s!

Give something special this Christmans

Give a friend, a loved one or yourself something special this Christmas and change a life at the same time. Choose one of the following projects below, donate, and we’ll send you a gift card you can gift showing the amazing results of the donation:

105 CHF/100 EUR:  Solar panel for a family in Myanmar
170 CHF/160 EUR:  A grocery package for a family in Myanmar for a whole
350 CHF/330 EUR: Support of two Indian families with a mushroom cultivation
530 CHF/500 EUR: Leprosy operation for a patient in India
1‘050 CHF/1‘000 EUR: Solar panel for 10 families in Myanmar
5’500 CHF/5’200 EUR: A home for an Indian family
360 CHF/300 EUR: A sponsorship for a child in India or Myanmar

When you donate remember to include your email in the ‘Remarks’ section so we can send you the gift card!

Our mushroom project, which helps women become financially independent

The true meaning of a sponsorship

Aye Myat Mon in 2014 after beginning her sponsorship

In June 2014, in one of the largest slum areas in Myanmar, a mother and her 2 year old daughter came into our Lotus clinic severely ill. They were both very thin, very weak and in urgent need of medical and social care. Our doctors ran tests and discovered they were both HIV+ and the daughter was dangerously malnourished. Treatment began immediately and the daughter, called Aye Myat Mon, was also enrolled onto the Child Sponsorship program.

We learnt that her father had suddenly died 4 months before, leaving the family alone, grieving and with no source of income. They were starving and their health failing until someone told them about the Lotus clinic.

For 7 years, Aye Myat Mon received food through SANNI Foundation education, health care, and important household and hygiene items as part of her sponsorship. Her mother thought her children would never go to school and it is now her pride to see Aye Myat Mon become educated.

Then, last month, we ended her sponsorship. Not because we did not want to care for her anymore but because Aye Myat Mon and her mother no longer needed our support. Her sponsorship gave the vital building blocks to make the family self-sufficient. Her mother has a new job, both are healthy, Aye Myat Mon is in school and the family are ready for the next phase in life!

It is always sad to say goodbye, but it is with immense pride and happiness that we can say goodbye to a healthy, independent and happy mother and daughter.

Aye Myat Mon present day, wearing her favourite dress!

Help change a life

For less than 1CHF/EUR a day, you can sponsor a child in Myanmar and join our mission. A sponsorship – or a one time payment in our children’s fond – provides a child living in poverty with nutritional, educational, household and hygiene support as well as special tuition and vocational training when they’re older.

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