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Give something special this Christmas

Give a friend, a loved one or yourself something special this Christmas and change a life at the same time! Choose one of the following projects below, donate, and we’ll send you a gift card you can give showing the amazing results of the donation:

105 CHF/100 EUR:  Solar panel for a family in Myanmar
170 CHF/160 EUR:  A grocery package for a family in Myanmar for a whole
350 CHF/330 EUR: Support of two Indian families with a mushroom cultivation
530 CHF/500 EUR: Leprosy operation for a patient in India
1‘050 CHF/1‘000 EUR: Solar panel for 10 families in Myanmar
5’500 CHF/5’200 EUR: A home for an Indian family
360 CHF/300 EUR: A sponsorship for a child in India or Myanmar

When you donate remember to include your email in the ‘Remarks’ section so we can send you the gift card! Click here to find more information.

Together we can help families stay healthy and never go hungry

Help change a life

For less than 1CHF/EUR a day, you can sponsor a child in Myanmar and join our mission. A sponsorship – or a one time payment in our children’s fond – provides a child living in poverty with nutritional, educational, household and hygiene support as well as special tuition and vocational training when they’re older.

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