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Dear Friends of SANNI Foundation

This year, people all around the world have had to adapt to a new environment and overcome unknown challenges. The pandemic has shown how fragile life can be and how important stability is. Every country has been affected, but the world’s poorest have suffered the most. Because of this, I would like to express my profound gratitude at how supportive you, SANNI’s community of sponsors and donors, have been this year.

SANNI works with some of the poorest and most vulnerable populations in the world, in India and Myanmar. In Myanmar, we work in the country’s largest slum and the pandemic brought even greater suffering to an already desperate situation. We asked you to help us and you responded immediately. Next to our hospitals and our Children’s Home we were able to provide emergency relief packages to over 11,000 people and grew our child sponsorship program to over 700 children!

I also want to applaud how hard our staff have worked this year, often in difficult conditions. Wearing full protective gear, in tropical weather, working long hours to help impoverished communities, is not easy. But they never hesitated and their commitment and motivation towards our collective mission was one of my greatest joys to witness this year.

Wherever you are during this Christmas period, I wish you happiness and comfort, and I look forward to another year of helping children and families rebuild their lives to a brighter, opportunity-filled future.

Merry Christmas!

Yours, Susanne Schroff

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