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Dear Friends of SANNI Foundation

SANNI Foundation approach a complex problem like child poverty step by step, we gather as much information as possible and give it all our focus. Is the child healthy? Can they read and write? What future opportunities do they have? These three questions are complex and multifaceted, and even though SANNI is comparatively small to many other organisations, we approach each of these problems head-on with no hesitation. We have proven our achievements from over 10 years of experience. If we learnt anything from the challenges of the pandemic, it is to always persevere and never forget why we work.

Last year, our projects in Myanmar and India joined the same fight against the pandemic, but this year Myanmar is fighting for its freedom while India enters the final hurdle to be rid of COVID-19.
This year hasn’t yet offered us a respite from the last tumultuous year, and I anticipate the challenges, especially in Myanmar, will grow but as ever we will not stop supporting the poor and vulnerable, focusing on long-term development towards independence and sustainability. With your support, we will continue.

Susanne Schroff

St.John’s became a vaccination center

It is with great pride that I can announce that St. John’s, our medical village in Kerala, India has become a COVID-19 vaccination centre. Three of our doctors were trained by the government to administer these vaccinations and a wing of our hospital has been converted into a temporary vaccination base. We were selected by the government for this service because of the high-quality standard of our staff and facilities.

We have successfully completed the first phase and have vaccinated 123 front-line health care workers. The second phase began on 8th March, and we are now targeting citizens over 60 years.

Vaccination training

Update from Myanmar

The military coup in Myanmar has changed every aspect of life and much is severely disrupted, especially since the recent escalation of violence across the country. SANNI Foundation would like to state that the safety of our staff remains paramount. We have no affiliation or collaboration with the military, or their new regime; we remain a non-government organisation and this will not change. We have secure methods of financial transfer within Myanmar and internationally to ensure the safety and availability of funds to continue our projects.

Protests and street-battles are now common throughout the country and many areas are unsafe, however in the slum areas where we focus, it has remained calm with no reports of coup-related violence or mass protest (protests are generally concentrated in city centre areas or near institutional centres). Our complete focus on slum areas has proved to our advantage in this context.

It is difficult to be able to predict how the next months and years will enfold, but we are absolutely determined to continue our missions. We cannot let the sick, poor and vulnerable be left behind and suffer because of this military coup. Covid-19 ruined the Myanmar economy and people already suffering descended into greater poverty. The new military government will not support or care for these people and it is up to us to ensure they survive.

A group of sponsored children collecting their school items, before Covid measures were introduced

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