Newsletter November 2020

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Dear Friends of SANNI Foundation

So far this year, the greatest lesson we have learnt is the importance of adaptability. In low-resource environments, where poverty is high and opportunity is scarce, we need to ensure our projects continue to target the most vulnerable with an immediate effect whilst working towards a long-term sustainable goal.

I’ve seen this throughout the year with our Covid-19 Emergency Support project in Myanmar, that supported over 11,200 people with financial and food packages. Then, our sponsorship program in India and Myanmar continues to grow, helping vulnerable and disadvantaged children become healthy, educated and ready for an opportunity-filled future.

This year, the whole world has been confronted with new challenges, but it is vital we continue our projects to not only ensure survival but help people flourish.
Thank you very much for your support!

Kind Regards,

SANNI staff providing food support to a poor community

Growing self-sufficiency

Harvest Time!

In Kerala, India, SANNI’s home for vulnerable children created an innovative new project to counter the increasing prices of vegetables as a result of the Covid-19 lockdown. So, we built a large vegetable garden to become more self-sufficient as well as teach the sponsored children how to grow vegetables efficiently and maintain them.

After 3 months, the garden is already producing a surplus! In fact, it is such a success that we are able to sell the vegetables at the SANNI Shoppi to help raise more funds for the project. Thank you to everyone involved and I look forward to trying the vegetables during my next visit!

Now Phoe Thar is happy!

Phoe Thar at our center, Myanmar 2019

Phoe Thar became an orphan when he was a young child when both his parents died of cancer. He has Down Syndrome and needs extra care and attention, but he lives in one of the largest slums in Myanmar and none of his extended family could support him.

We first met him in 2015 when he was 12 years old, he had a new adoptive mother who cared for him and loved him, but they were struggling to survive; Phoe Thar was never able to join school because they were too poor and he had just been diagnosed with tuberculosis. Fortunately, they were able to use SANNI’s free clinic and Phoe Thar received treatment and was soon improving. We then enrolled him into our sponsorship program so he would receive education, food, and household support.

Now, Phoe Thar is in Grade 6 and loves school! He is older than his classmates and sometimes he finds studying hard, but he loves learning and never gives up. He loves to sing and dance and our staff always enjoy his visits to our centre and puts a smile on everyone’s face.

Our vocational program for older teenagers is designed to support a range of skills and qualifications and as he gets older, we can help him find something that suits him and helps him live a happy and fruitful life.

Make another child happy!

Gift a sponsorship for a fantastic present and change a life. For less than 1CHF a day you can help improve a vulnerable child’s life.

A sponsorship provides an impoverished child in Myanmar with education, food, household and hygiene support. Once they are older we can then help them find employment and develop their career-based skills.

You’ll also receive a hand written letter or picture directly from the child once a year and an update from our team on their wellbeing. For more information please visit here or contact

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