SANNI goes to Amsterdam

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Like last year in Potsdam, we run for a good cause and are happy about any support.

24 runners and supporters under the lead of Mike Baer are going on the 20th of October to Amsterdam and run 8, 21 or 42km. The sponsor run is intended to draw attention to the needy children in Myanmar. At the same time the run should encourage people of our western culture to do more for their health.

The entire amount collected will go to the SANNI Foundation’s Children’s Fund (link). This enables impoverished children in the slum area of Yangon to lead a child-friendly life in security. The fund finances food, medical care and education. This gives the children the confidence to have a future, to stand on their own two feet and to participate in life.

We are very happy for every support, every franc counts!

Our runners:
Michael Baer, Susan Baer, Simon Baer, Pooran Moser, Eva Peterhans, Miriam Schlieper, Johann Schlieper, Susanne Schroff, Maximilian Schroff, Laura Schwab, Nicole Schwab-Kuster, Ivana Stämpfli, Thomas Stämpfli, Tiago Stämpfli, Belen Stämpfli, Shana Stämpfli, Didion Stämpfli, Alex Walser, Francisa Walser, Natascha Zohren

Wie kann man helfen?

Through the support of a runner (names)

bank account


8098 Zurich

Account: IBAN CHF CHF CHF CH12 0020 6206 1762 5101 V

Account: IBAN EUR CH03 0020 6206 1762 5161 D

Payment purpose: Sponsor run 2019 (possibly name of a runner)

Or through our GO FUND ME campaign.

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