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Disaster struck Kerala, where our India project is located, after days of nonstop rain and heavy flooding engulfed the state. By the second day there were 80 landslides and over 250,000 people were displaced. Emergency services were restricted because of the severity of the weather and thousands of communities were cut off from any support.

SANNI immediately established an emergency team and sent medical teams and several ambulances to some of the worst affected areas. Working together with the government, they provided life-saving health care to communities devastated by the flooding.

Now that the flooding has subsided the long-term plan to rebuild people’s lives is undergo and SANNI are continuing to help them. We are working with the local government and we now support 20 villages with food packages to over 450 families, distributing clothing, bedding, and hygiene kits as well as providing the funds to rebuild destroyed homes. SANNI’s ability to rebuild the lives of countless families who have been destroyed by the flooding is only possible because of the continuing support of our community of donors. We would like to express our profound thanks to those that have helped us in our mission.

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