The happy Fathima, who became a self-confident woman.

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Fathima was 8 years old when she first came to SANNI’s St John’s village. She was born with HIV and her health had been increasingly unstable for years because her parents could not provide the care and support she needed.

The family learnt about St John’s services and the free medical care it provides to those in need. When they arrived at St John’s, Fathima received treatment at our hospital and received medication, slowly improving her health and decided to stay at our Care Home. Here, she continued to receive medical attention and was provided education, accommodation, care and support.

Fathima quickly became one of the role models in our care home. She took great care in helping the other children and created a fun atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. From the games she would play with the littles ones and the supportive group chats she had with other girls, to the dance classes she gave to anyone who wanted to have fun, Fathima has grown up to become a charismatic and independent young woman.

She is now 17 years old and is ready to start a life beyond St John’s. She is currently studying Computer Application and will finish her diploma this December. Once she has graduated she can work at the SANNI Shoppi as a Computer Assitant to give her some work experience and improve her employabiity. To also help her on this exciting journey, SANNI built a new house for Fathima and her family where they can live comfortably and safely with access to clean water, electricity and proper sanitation. Now the whole family have the means to support themselves. We are extremely proud of Fathima and what she has become, and we will continue to guide and support her.

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