Thin Myat, Child Support Outreach Worker

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“I really like to do some social work as I think this is important for our society.”

Since 3 years, I am working for MAM as Child Support Outreach Worker. I really like to do some social work as I think this is important for our society. As outreach worker, I am visiting the supported children in their homes doing regular updates; I write reports which are send to the Swiss sponsors. I am also organizing the clothes and food distribution in the clinics. Very important is the task to identify new children which need support. Then I am doing an assessment and prepare a funding proposal.

Once, I was visiting one family with two small kids. The roof and the floor of their house was fully broken; it was really dangerous for the kids to live there. We managed to support this family with a complete renovation of their house so that the children can live in a safe environment. In another case, a family with also two small kids did not have a toilet. All family members always had to go to a different home for using a toilet. We financed to build a now toilet for their house! It is really satisfying to see such real results of my daily work!

Personally, I really like my job as I think it is important to develop the children. However, the experience gained from this job allows me to go the next step in profession. In a mid perspective, I would like to work as accountant.

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