Emergency aid for flood victims in Kerala

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Dear friends of the SANNI Foundation
This year too, the monsoon rains caused immense damage in India. The southern state of Kerala, in which our institution St. John’s is located, was hit hardest. The floods have already claimed 150 lives, missing persons are being sought and 250,000 people are in rescue camps. Over the next few days, medical care, food and clothing will be needed.
Father Jose, head of St. John’s Health Services, and his team are providing direct disaster relief. Tonight 3 ambulances with 5 doctors and 10 nurses will go to the affected areas. Father Jose and his team distribute food, clothing and hygiene packages – help that is urgently needed. St. John’s Medical Village itself is not directly affected by the disaster.
The SANNI Foundation supports with unbureaucratic and direct emergency aid. We ensure that food packages, clothing and hygiene items are provided as quickly as possible.
We are grateful for every donation for the flood victims in South India. As always, the donations reach the needy 100%.

IBAN CHF: CH12 0020 6206 1762 5101 V
IBAN EUR: CH03 0020 6206 1762 5161 D

Yours sincerely,
Susanne Schroff

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