Our team introduces itself: Thura, Child Support Program Manager

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“I like to serve the public and to do social work.”

For 4 years, I am working now for MAM. I decided to start working for a NGO as I like to serve to the public and to do social work. My current position is Child Support Program Manager based in Thazin Orchid Clinic. This program is a sponsorship project together with the Swiss SANNI Foundation in order to support vulnerable children with nutritious food, medical treatment and toiletry packets and to assure a proper school education. I really like my work as I love to work with children. In addition, I think it is really important to help and develop children because if we support children we also develop our own country and our future.

It is always very touching when you see the joy and gratitude of children and their parents. For example in 2017, we meet two orphan boys who lived with their grandparents. Only the grandmother was able to work by selling snacks. The income was not enough at all and the Family had debts. We immediately arranged not only a sponsorship for the basic support, but also special investment so that the family was able to get electricity for the first time. Today, the family is doing well and their debts are paid. The 9 years old boy got some prizes at school for his outstanding performance. The younger one is looking forward to starting school next year like his brother.

The next step for our program will be to set up vocational training to make sure the children are prepared for an independent and prosperous future.

I am really proud to see that we contribute to solve problems of all these children and how we improve their living conditions and of their families.

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