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Dear friends of the SANNI Foundation

Have you already bought all the presents for your loved ones? Are you missing the right gift for your father-in-law, who received the beautiful cufflinks last year? Or for your niece who received the latest iPhone for Christmas 2022?

Don’t think twice and give the gift of a sponsorship for a child in Myanmar or India and bring happiness and confidence! With just CHF 360 or 300 euros per year or just CHF 1 per day, you can enable a child from the poorest of backgrounds to attend school, receive medical care and ensure that they can eat a balanced diet. You are giving a child the hope of a later life in dignity and self-determination. You can find more specific donation gift ideas in this newsletter. And remember, your donation gift has a threefold effect: it makes a lasting difference to a child’s life and brings great joy to you and the recipient.

For over 20 years, I have made it my goal to support people living in extreme poverty in Myanmar and India. I would be delighted if you too could make our world a little better together with the SANNI Foundation.

Susanne Schroff

Give the gift of a sponsorship

With just CHR 360, or 300 euros per year, or just CHF 1 per day, you can give a child in India or Myanmar the gift of confidence and a future. With this amount, you ensure that a girl or boy on the other side of the world receives a balanced diet and medical care and can complete an education. Giving the gift of a couple makes three people happy: the child, you and the recipient.

Don’t want to make a long-term commitment, but want to provide important help in the current emergency? Donations of any amount to our children’s fund, whose resources are used exclusively for the benefit of children in Myanmar, are always welcome. Find out more at:

Give away school kits

Although school attendance in Myanmar is free of charge, families have to pay for school uniforms, school books and writing materials themselves. A so-called school package costs around 40 francs/euros. How is this possible when the income is not even one dollar a day? Give away school kits and enable children in Myanmar to take a first step out of poverty.

Give away contributions to empower women

Mushroom cultivation, poultry farming or organic vegetable growing: the aim of our programmes in India is to strengthen the independence of women in need through income-generating measures. This enables the women and mothers to feed their families and possibly earn some extra money by selling their products at local markets. Any amount is welcome so that we can continue to expand our income-generating endeavours through self-help groups.

Contact us and we will be happy to design the right confidence or future gift voucher for you.

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