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Dear Friends of SANNI Foundation

Our projects need a wide range of different jobs and skills from people across the world. What joins everyone together is our shared dedication and passion for what we do.
Last week, Max Homan, SANNI’s Myanmar Project Manager has been in Zurich working with the SANNI team and meeting some of our community of donors to give an update of our activities over the past 18 months. He explained how we are continuing our projects in the complex environment. The joint disaster of a coup and a new deadly wave of Covid-19 in one of the world’s poorest countries is devastating.

SANNI is working on the front line in Myanmar treating Covid-19 patients across the country, focusing on key risk groups and extremely ill patients. Public hospitals have been at over-capacity for weeks already, and our sites are often the only lifeline for hundreds, soon thousands, of people. If our help is needed, it is now more than ever!
Thank you very much of your support.

Susanne Schroff and Max Homan

Susanne and Max in India, February 2020

Some impressions of last week

The new SANNI Ambassadors

I am pleased to inform you that SANNI is growing its team of Ambassadors. We have spent the last 3 days training them about our projects so they can represent us with knowledge and pride. They are a young and dynamic team who will spread the word about SANNI and grow our projects even further.

In moments of crisis, we must bring minds together and work hard to find what more we can do to support those in need.

Susanne, SANNI President, with Max (right) SANNI’s Myanmar Project Manager with the SANNI Ambassadors

SANNI’s largest ever aid package

SANNI is providing our largest ever aid packages to support the impoverished and vulnerable in the growing humanitarian crisis in Myanmar.
The more donated, the more we can do. You also want to help and be part of the SANNI Family?

Reminder over Myanmar safety

A SANNI sponsored child in Myanmar wearing a new dress provided by her sponsorship

SANNI has secure methods of financial transfer into Myanmar and, as always, 100% of all donations go directly into the project, any admin fees are taken privately.

Also, organising the logistics and purchases to operate our projects like procuring medical equipment and medicine, or food for the sponsored children are possible and secure. We also use an US-backed list of companies and sanctions connected to the military to ensure we no association or connection.

Help change a life

For less than 1CHF a day, you can sponsor a child in Myanmar and join our mission. A sponsorship – or a one time payment in our children’s fond – provides a child living in poverty with nutritional, educational, household and hygiene support as well as special tuition and vocational training when they’re older.

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