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Dear Friends of SANNI Foundation,

For the past 5 months we have redesigned our projects in response to Covid-19, but our principle goal to provide vulnerable people the resources and skills to lift themselves out of poverty and into independence, has not changed.

In this newsletter, I want to share with you the recent news and achievements of SANNI Foundation’s projects in Myanmar and India. In India, I am delighted to see the ingenuity of a new project generating self-reliance in unemployed adults. In Myanmar, our focus on supporting vulnerable children through a commitment to education is expanding.

Kind Regards,

Brother and sister, Zin Phuu Pwint and Moe Moe, both sponsored by SANNI’s Myanmar program.

Developing Entrepreneurship in India

In February, we invited Interweave Solutions, an American NGO, to our centre in India to train disadvantaged adults in entrepreneurship and business. The program is designed to create financial independence by teaching the skills to start your own business, with the needs of their community as a stimulus.

6 months later, many small businesses are starting to grow! From selling chicken eggs, to growing vegetables, our up-and-coming new entrepreneurs are becoming self-reliant!

This program joins SANNI’s other self-reliance projects targeting in-need populations, especially young women, like the mushroom cultivation and jewellery projects.



Entrepreneurship in business lesson in Kerala, India

SANNI sponsored children in India during a special event for SANNI’s last visit in Feb ’20

Promoting Education in Myanmar

It’s back to school for the sponsored children in Myanmar! Fortunately, the Covid-19 lockdown coincided with the school holidays and we’re now getting ready for a new year of learning.

Education is free in Myanmar but all the items, from pens and paper to uniforms and bags, are not. For families living in poverty this is prohibitively expensive. So, SANNI provide them with all they need to ensure they can go to school and learn well.

Beginning this year, we are starting to provide tuition classes to children taking matriculation exams. We found that it is more likely for children to drop out of school during this time period so by providing tuition classes we want to improve their education as well as improve the number of children graduating high school, a proven method of poverty reduction.


Help us change a life and sponsor a child for less than 1CHF a day. With your support, we can provide a vulnerable child with health care, education, food and other important items. Join our fight against poverty, visit

The children living at SANNI’s St John’s Care Home, India

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