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Dear Friends of SANNI Foundation

Last month, we asked our community of donors to help us raise funds to support vulnerable families in Myanmar who have been made unemployed during the Covid-19 crisis. Thanks to a great response, we have created a new emergency program to find some of the most vulnerable families and provide them financial support.

Fortunately, Myanmar has relatively low levels of infection, however the consequences of a lockdown, broken industrial supply chains and diminished export demand from the West, has created mass unemployment. Families (with income of 2 US$ per day struggling to survive) before the global pandemic are now in an increasingly deteriorating condition, with thousands unable to buy food or prepare for the coming monsoon season.

So far, SANNI has provided financial support to over 1,000 families, helping an approximate 4,000 people in Hlaingthayar slum area. Our focus is helping households with no source of income and contain dependents such as elderly or disabled people or are run by single parents. We have created special teams of ‘Outreach Workers’ who proactively go into the community to find families – waiting for people to find you takes too long and often leaves behind the most vulnerable. It is at times hard work, especially as we take social distancing very seriously, but we are making good progress. The work, however, is not done….

The consequences of Covid-19 are still being realized and there will be more obstacles to overcome, however it is vital that the impoverished and vulnerable are not forgotten or left helpless during this crisis. SANNI’s mission will continue undeterred, ever motivated to fulfill our mission. For a household up to 3 people, 25 CHF and for a household with more than 4 members already 40 CHF for enough food as well as hygiene products for prevention for a whole month! If you also would like to help us, please visit our website and donate (Donate here).

Warm Regards,
Susanne and Max

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