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Dear Friends of the SANNI Foundation

Last November already seems so far away: It was our annual visit to the Sanni Foundation projects together with representatives of the Foundation Board and friends of the SANNI foundation. Today, I am delighted to report back about our trip – including the numerous, unforgettable impressions.

I will begin with the most important points: I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to visit the projects in South India and Myanmar and see the impact of our financial support and how it’s earmarked to make a real difference in the lives of the impoverished and sick. This is our ongoing motivation for doing what we do – it inspires us to continue our work to improve the lives of those in need in these communities. None of this would be possible without your generous support! For this, I extend my most heartfelt thanks to you.


The welfare organization St. John’s in Trivandrum, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, led by Father Jose, has received a great deal of support from both the SCHROFF and SANNI Foundation for a number of years now. It’s truly inspirational to see how a town where the St. John’s facility is located has grown from a small village to now having hundreds of people working and help thousands of others. Above all, it is always a great pleasure to experience how the children are developing – to look into her radiant eyes and hear the joyous laughter! The immense joy and enthusiasm, which radiates from the children despite their difficult situation, impresses us over and over again.


As a part of our Women Empowerment Project the SANNI Sales Counter and the mushroom cultivation kits help families to support themselves.

What we have achieved so far:

  • We have funded a 100-bed hospital serving the basic needs of the vulnerable populations in Trivandrum. To date, over 90,000 patients have been treated! Thanks to the subvention of the patients in need by the wealthy patients, the hospital is self-sufficient.
  • The Cancer Care Home will open in February 2016. This center will support cancer prevention and treat cancer patients through medical care and support.
  • Over 1,500 diabetes patients are treated monthly with free insulin and other essential medicine.
  • 278 children have been supported by their godparents by only CHF 360 per year. Some teens and young adults have already completed their sponsorship program. Upon completion of their training, they are able to earn their own livelihoods.
  • The “ASHA Bhavan” was converted into a children’s home and is now a home for HIV-infected children.
  • The training center “SANNI Bhavan” offers HIV-infected and underprivileged young people from the lowest Indian caste the opportunity to complete different apprenticeships so that they and their families can provide for themselves.


The 100-bed Hospital at St. John’s.

What we are trying to achieve in the future:
At St. John’s, we aim to promote training programs for women from the lowest levels. We are extremely dependent on donations in order to provide leprosy patients with the treatment required for operations. Similarly, we are constantly looking for sponsors for impoverished and orphaned children. We are grateful for your contribution to all our other projects.

  • Training programs for youth, disabled persons and women: We are grateful for every contribution: The welfare organization St. John’s depends on financial support for a program developed for the empowerment of women, HIV-infected families, and persons with disabilities. Participants are trained in various professional fields in order to develop a basic care for themselves and their families.
  • Reconstructive surgery for leprosy patients: CHF 350 per operation (one-time donation): This operation can effectively correct deformations caused by leprosy, so that the patient is able to return back to a normal life and can be integrated into the work process. The pre- and post-treatments are very costly and time intensive.
  • Help a family to help themselves by cultivating mushrooms: CHF 350 for two families (one-time donation): We support other families supporting themselves by donating mushroom cultivation kits. It allows poor families to start a new life.
  • Construction of a family home: CHF 7’000 per house (single donation): Some of the families of our sponsored children and adolescents literally do not have a roof over their heads. Construction of a house offers the perspective of a dignified life.
  • Sponsor a child: CHF 360 per child (annual donation): We are looking for godparents for Burmese and Indian children. With a donation of less than one Swiss franc a day, you can help secure an underprivileged child’s future! The child will receive medical care, food, clothes, and most importantly, an education


Our important confidants: Dr. Frank and Dr. Ni Ni Tun (MAM, Yangon / Myanmar) and Father Jose (St. John’s Health Services,Trivandrum / South India).


The second SANNI Foundation project is located in Yangon, Myanmar. In 2015, free parliamentary elections were held for the first time in 25 years. The outpouring of joy for victorious candidate and Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi of the NDL party was tremendous. The euphoria in the country was felt everywhere. It is invested and built, the mood is optimistic. Unfortunately, the ongoing contrast between rich and poor continues to engulf the nation. The earlier ruling regime had neglected the basic health of the population.

Remaining true to its founding principles, the SANNI Foundation has, together with local Dutch physicians Dr. Frank Smithuis and his Burmese wife, Dr. NiNi Tun, founded a relief organization (MAM = Medical Action Myanmar). This organization, which is already two years old, is building a network of hospitals and children’s homes to treat patients from humble beginnings. Its main focus will be to support children suffering from malnutrition, tuberculosis and in particular, HIV.


What we have achieved so far:

  • Together with MAM, we have built a clinic and ensure its sustention. MAM operates a total of 7 clinics, where now more than 200,000 patients have been treated since 2015. Since working both professionally as well as cost-efficient, treatments cost “only” 7 Swiss francs. Approximately 1.4 million Swiss francs are needed per year.
  • On our last trip, we visited the 154 children who are now supported by godparents. The change in the children over the years is very impressive and overwhelming. Through your support, malnutrition could be fought successfully and their health is improving. In addition, the children can attend school and have an opportunity to complete an education. Most importantly you can see hope in their eyes and that is a wonderful Feeling!


What we are trying to achieve in the future:
We want to ensure that all clinics of MAM receive support in order to ensure their continued existence. In addition to our ongoing projects, the child sponsorship program is very important to us; due to the large spread of HIV, many children in Myanmar find themselves without parents and are forced to grow up alone. In 2016 we will begin construction of an orphanage in a poor area of Yangon in order to provide a future for these children.
  • Treatment costs in existing clinics: CHF 7 per consultation (single donation): Our partner MAM runs several clinics in the poorest suburbs of Yangon and we want to ensure they continue in 2016. In these clinics, impoverished children and mothers are treated for free. Many are severely malnourished, which is why they are provided nutritious meals. Family planning, HIV prevention and treatment are also offered. The influx of patients has been enormous and we expect around 230,000 treatments in 2016. Although a single consultation costs only CHF 7, it does add up. We are very grateful for any assistance you can offer.
  • Sponsor a child: CHF 360 per child (annual donation): We are looking for godparents for Burmese and Indian children. With a donation of less than one Swiss franc a day, you help secure an underprivileged child’s future! The child will receive medical care, food, clothes, and most importantly, an education.

My sincere thanks for all your great support.Liebe Grüsse

Susanne Schroff

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