Newsletter 4/2015

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The days are getting shorter, our spirits and atmosphere are getting cozier and the first snow is right around the corner. Soon, Christmas will be upon us. In this newsletter you will learn more about how the Christians in India celebrate Christmas, how you can give a meaningful present to your loved ones and to the children in India and Myanmar and how the Burmesian people treat their skin.


Only about 2.3% people of the Indian population are Christians, so in comparison to other traditional festivals, Christmas is not widely celebrated there. However, Indian Christians do visit the decorated churches to listen to stories of the New Testament. After joining a Christmas mass, families come together to celebrate the event, sharing traditional curries and other delicious dishes with each other. Some traditional Christians choose to fast from the 1st-24th December after mass. It is also common to buy presents and distribute them on this day. In some families, the father gets a lemon, which is the traditional symbol of health and good fortune. Instead of a Christmas tree, they also join together to decorate either a banana or mango tree. The houses are festively lit up to show that Jesus Christ is the light of the world.


Every year, it’s often the same good old question: „What do you want as Christmas present?” And the classic answer follows: “I don’t know. We have all we need.” Yes, your right, we do. Nevertheless, the children in Southern India and Burma/Myanmar do not have the same fortune as we do. Often not even enough to survive. Therefore, think of giving the gift of sponsorship of a child through the SANNI Foundation as a Christmas present this year. Through sponsorship, you give a child the chance to grow up in better conditions that includes proper nourishment, access to health care and proper medication as well as an education. We will prepare photos and history of the child that you can present to your loved one as your gift. Not only will it add to a joyous Christmas to you and your loved one, it gives a child in India or Burma a real opportunity to lead a greater life.

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The Thanakha-Tree, native to a few Asian countries, is the producer and provider of the fragrant liquid or paste called Thanakha that is extracted from the bark of the tree. Thanakha is a helpful and multifunctional plant that plays an important role in the field of Myanmar indigenous medicine. The leaves are used locally to remedy epilepsy, the paste cures blemishes and acne and the wood is used to make handcrafts. The Thanakha-Paste is still the most popular skin treatment in Myanmar and is used by women, men and children alike. It smells good, keeps the skin cool, smooth and refreshed. It refines the pores, provides antioxidants and regulates the skin’s moisture. Additionally is used to protect the skin from the sun. Overall, Thanakha is considered by some to be a “miracle cure” from nature and loved by the Burmesian people.

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