Phoo Yadanar is an eighteen-year-old girl who finished until Grade 9, and with a very strong passion for the current political situation, she decided to discontinue her education under this government. She has been taken care of by her grandma and her aunt since she was very little because her mother passed away when she was young. Her aunt and her grandma really love Phoo Yadanar, and they do any job to keep the family safe and for the child to grow up well.

Phoo Yadanar is a registered child in our child sponsorship program, and she did really well with all the help and support she received from the SANNI Foundation. She appreciates all the opportunities so much, and she even wants to be a teacher when she grows up, so that she can help the children with their most important part of their lives, education, like it changed her life.

She is unfortunately a lifelong patient at our clinic, but she is such a strong girl that nothing can let her down or shift her from her focus and goals. She is very passionate and has a big dream about helping children and people. She decided to take the useful training courses such as sales and marketing and nurse aid and pharmacy training in early 2023 with the support of the SANNI Foundation, and she just recently completed them and has now started working at our Lotus clinic as a nurse aid, which is also supported by the SANNI Foundation. Phoo Yadanar and her family are extremely happy and excited for her bright future, and they wish the SANNI Foundation the best and to grow bigger so that more and more children like her can receive the support and change their lives.

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