Ei Thet Khaing is a seventeen-year-old who is living with her aunt’s family in Hlaing Thar Yar, one of the biggest slum areas in Yangon, Myanmar. Her aunty and the family do odd jobs for a living, and the child decided to drop out of school after their family struggled a lot financially.

The girl has been a lifelong patient at our Lotus clinic, but other than her aunt’s typical hypertension, no one in the family has any other serious medical conditions. Due to their financial difficulties, the girl had to give up her education, which made her aunt very unhappy. SANNI Foundation and the child, however, made the best of their circumstances. Ei Thet Khaing chose to enroll in the design program in order to pursue a career based on her enthusiasm for knitting and dressmaking. The images of the clothes she made during her sessions show how hard she worked during training and how dedicated she was.

The SANNI Foundation helped this young woman with the sewing machine to start her own small business in her community after the design training course. Ei Thet Khaing is very appreciative of the assistance the SANNI Foundation has provided her, especially this vocational training when she dropped out of school and thought her life was over when she was unable to attend classes. However, the SANNI Foundation still found a way to help her in improving herself in every way and also assisted her in starting her own business so that she could eventually support herself and become independent.

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