Wai Wai Oo, her older brother, her uncle, and her grandmother live in Hlaing Thar Yar, one of the largest slum areas in Yangon, Myanmar. Her uncle is a public transportation bus driver, and he took care of the whole household until he recently lost his job. Now the uncle and her brother do any odd jobs they can find just to feed the family, but they hardly survive and have a lot of struggles with this economic crisis in the country.

The child is very concerned about the family’s finances, mainly about earning more income and working professionally, and wants to learn something useful for her career. She would like to learn to make clothes, not only to generate money but also to make dresses for herself.

She attended the basic class for making shirts and Burmese traditional attire for men and women at the training. She is ecstatic to receive such precious and very useful training for her future, on top of the SANNI Foundation, which has supported her all her life until now. Also, she will be supported with sewing machines shortly to start her own tailor shop in the very near future.

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