Aung Ko Oo is a twenty-year-old boy who grew up in Hlaing Thar Yar, one of the largest slum areas in Yangon, Myanmar. His family was made up of his mother, his younger sister, and Aung Ko Oo himself. The mother worked hard, did a lot of odd jobs to survive, and raised two school-age children, just so her children could have a decent education and a better future than hers.

Aung Ko Oo is a registered child from our child sponsorship program, and he has grown up doing well at school and being healthy with the help and support of the SANNI Foundation. He dropped out of school since COVID, and started working at an auto repair shop to help his mother keep their household and expenses together because the living conditions are worsening due to inflation, starvation, blackouts, and unemployment.

In early 2023, Aung Ko Oo and his family decided to give some time to his future career and to start learning useful training and classes. The SANNI Foundation supported the training classes for him with one of his interests, mobile phone hardware and software. He recently completed the training and is eager to start working with the skills he just learned. The child and his family are over the moon because they wouldn’t have done it without the SANNI Foundation’s upport all along, and they are grateful as well because SANNI supported them with something he can use in his life, which is way more precious than money or a physical gift.

Certificate of completion for his mobile phone hardware and software course provided by the SANNI Foundation
Aung Ko Oo with his friends in the class with their proud smiles
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