Thein Hla Htay is a sixteen-year-old young boy who was born and grew up in Hlaing Thar Yar, one of the largest slum areas in Yangon, Myanmar. The child and three other siblings have been living with their aunt’s family since their parents were gone, and that has caused the child to drop out of school and help the aunt’s family earn money to feed the siblings, for their education, and for himself.

He is a well-behaved boy who loves to grab every opportunity he can get to use as a step in his life and career. He was a diligent student back in school and interested in working as a mobile/machinery repairman or hairstylist. The SANNI Foundation has supported him with the mobile phone hardware and software training, and he just completed the course. He is excited to use those skills and to start a better life with a new career.

Thein Hla Htay, his siblings, and his aunt are happy for him because the boy sacrificed a lot for them and worked hard, and now he got to attend the trainings and courses he has been dreaming about and get a chance to work as a professional, earn more money, and collect more skills and experiences at the same time. On behalf of Thein Hla Htay and his family, we SANNI Myanmar thank you for that, and we wouldn’t be able to help him without you.

Completion for his mobile phone hardware and software course provided by the SANNI Foundation
Thein Hla Htay (the boy with the black jacket) with his classmates)
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