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For many years now, the Schroff Foundation and the SANNI Foundation have been supporting the St. John’s charity in Trivandrum, Kerala, Southern India, which is led by Father Jose. Thanks to your support, we have already been able to do a lot for the needy populace of Kerala. Numerous projects have been implemented, giving the people hope, and opportunities for a better life.

The milestones so far:

Construction of a hospital
The hospital that was inaugurated in November 2011 serves the basic medical needs of the needy residents of Trivandrum and the surrounding area. It offers medical care to both in-patients and out-patients in many different areas. In the first year, it was possible to treat more than 19,000 patients.

Construction of HIV and diabetes wards
Some 1,500 diabetes patients are cared for through a total of 42 diabetes wards, and are supplied – mostly free of charge – with insulin and other vital medication.
Up to now, more than 1,300 HIV/AIDS patients have been helped at St. John’s, with medication, psychological assistance and, if necessary, hospitalized care.

Godparents support over 200 children with annual donations of CHF 360 a year. Orphans, or children whose parents are not in a position to care for them, are taken into the Boys’ or Girls’ Home or at St. John’s. There, they find a home, receive a good education and get medical care if necessary.

Training Center
The Training Center offers young people infected with HIV, and other youngsters from India’s lowest caste, the opportunity to train for various professions, so that they can establish a living for themselves and their families. This center has already been financed, and is now under construction. It is expected to be completed and put into service before year-end 2012.

Mushroom cultures for HIV-infected families
The mushroom cultures not only ensure that the families have nutritious food, but also give them the chance to generate a modest income by marketing the mushrooms.

But with your help we can do a lot more!

It is wonderful to see that a lot has already been achieved for the benefit of the poorest of the poor in Trivandrum. There is still a lot to be done to improve the quality of life of the people locally. The SANNI Foundation therefore continues to support the St. John’s charity by collecting donations for the following projects:

Extensions to the hospital including an operating theater and an intensive-care unit:
The extension is very valuable to the people, because transportation to a distant hospital costs life-saving time, and admission to another hospital is often unaffordable.
The objective is to make the hospital self-supporting in a few years, so that it is no longer dependent on donations.
Funding needed for the operating theater: CHF 60,000.

Empowerment of women, people infected with HIV/AIDS, and the handicapped:
Training in many different areas (biological farming, needlework, computer training courses, and much more) is a contribution to an improved standard of living for the people and their families. The granting of micro-credits to assisted self-help groups should help them to establish a communal source of income. St. John’s will also assist in a program for social security in cooperation with the Textiles Ministry and an insurance company, so that all those trained at St. Johns can take out health insurance at a small contribution.
Funding needed: CHF 130,000.

More godparents for children from poor backgrounds are still needed.
CHF 360 per child per year

The mushroom cultures are hoped to offer food, income, and a brighter future for even more HIV-infected families.
Funding needed: CHF 350, as a one-time donation for 1 – 2 families

The SANNI Foundation can assure you that all administrative costs will be borne by Rotronic AG, and that 100% of the donations will reach the needy. The SANNI Foundation, the St. John’s charity, and above all the people of Trivandrum, are grateful for any donation!

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