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In November 2011, together with Foundation Council Members Corinne Fischer, Joachim Schoss and other friends, I visited the St. John’s charitable institution in Trivandrum, Kerala, Southern India, which is led by Father Jose. We were really impressed to see how the establishment has grown over the years! We were able to confirm completion of the clinic at the inauguration attended by the Archbishop of Kerala, national and regional politicians and hundreds of visitors. The clinic provides basic care for the poor of the parish, offering medical help of many kinds.A storey has been added to the HIV clinic that was built in 2009, so that more HIV patients can be treated.

As always, it was wonderful to see how at ease the children and patients at St. John’s are, and the love and sympathy with which they behave towards one another. A visit there is always a real experience!

What we have achieved up to now:

  • Godparents support 150 children with CHF 360 a year
  • 1,655 diabetes patients are provided with insulin and other vital medicines free of charge through 42 diabetes wards
  • 1,171 HIV/AIDS patients are cared for through St. John’s
  • We have established an HIV clinic and a diabetes clinic
  • An education centre, in which young people receive vocational training so that they can build up a life for themselves and their families, is being built
  • HIV-infected families receive mushroom cultures from us, so that they can provide themselves with wholesome food, and generate a modest income through the sale of the mushrooms

None of this would be possible without your generous help! Please accept our heartfelt thanks.

What comes next? In 2012, the Sanni Foundation continues to support St. John’s.

  • We are planning the extension of the clinic to include geriatric, dialysis and emergency wards. The budget for this is CHF 140,000.
  • We would like to extend the young people’s education centre, and for this a further CHF 40,000 are needed.
  • We are looking for godparents for children (CHF 360 per child per year)
  • We support families by giving them mushroom cultures. Your one-time donation of CHF 350 makes it possible for one family to make ends meet.

100% of your money reaches the needy (0% administration costs).

Would you like to support us, not only financially but in other ways, too? We are looking for honorary workers, and would like to extend our network. We would be glad if you could recommend us

With best regards,
Susanne Schroff

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