Hein Sitt Thwe is an eighteen-year-old boy who was raised in Shwe Pyi Thar, one of the huge slum areas in Yangon, Myanmar. The child and her mother are affected by the current political crisis related with the non-military education for the child. The child wishes not to continue the school anymore and would like to start working for the family because his father is suffering from ongoing illness and can no longer provide enough for the family.

He admired doctors a lot and specially to help people from their underserved community so he wanted to try to be a nurse at least if he can no longer be a doctor. The SANNI Foundation provided him with the nurse aid and pharmacy trainings as the vocational training. He feels much better and gain more confidence since he locked himself up inside for two years and not willing to do anything. The child and his family are eager for him to finish the training and to start learning with this professional career and they can’t wait to see his dreams come true somehow.

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