Yadanar Thu, a fourteen-year-old girl, resides in Hlaing Thar Yar, one of Yangon, Myanmar’s main slum regions. The family consisted of just Yadanar Thu, her father, and her older brother. Since her brother lost his job due to the chaotic political circumstances, she was forced to drop out of school immediately and begin working to support the family because her father is seriously ill.

She was a really lively and happy little girl who played a lot, loved going to school, and picked up knowledge before life really hit her hard. After the seventh grade, she stopped going to school and began working for her family. She is a sweet girl who never frowns and still aspires to succeed in life despite the fact that she is no longer able to complete her studies.

Early in 2023, Yadanar Thu, the child sponsorship team, and her family reviewed the child’s best interests and supported the tailoring lessons as career training. She actually demonstrated a great deal of interest in it by learning well, rapidly, and producing excellent outcomes. She was able to open her own tailor shop with the help of the child sponsorship team rather than working as a general laborer at a factory or doing odd tasks. The SANNI Foundation wishes her luck with her business as she is slowly beginning to attract consumers in her area.

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