Tay Zar Win is a ten-year-old boy who lives with his parents in Hlaing Thar Yar, one of the largest slum areas in Yangon, Myanmar. He is sadly suffering from a severe case of asthma and, as a result, is unable to speak, has limited walking, and cannot look after himself, so he is therefore unable to attend school. But due to your ongoing and steadfast support and contribution through the SANNI Foundation, he is able to maintain a stable condition.

His father is the breadwinner of the family; he is a trishaw driver in their neighborhood. The family struggles a lot with their financial situation since the security forces limited the area of the trishaw for security reasons, and the mother basically cannot leave the house to work because the child needs care at all times.

The SANNI Foundation supported the small clothing shop as a small business investment for the family to solve their financial problems and generate income so that the mother can generate income and look after the child as well when the father’s business is doing badly. Tay Zar Win is excited that they have a new business and also to see them having more ways to make income for him and the family.

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