We’d like to share the story of Paing Nyein. We first met him in 2014 when he arrived at our Lotus Clinic extremely unhealthy with poorly treated HIV. His parents were divorced and neither took responsibility of him, only his grandmother cared for him and his siblings. He was at risk of never joining school, becoming malnourished, and potential death if his HIV remained untreated.

After receiving counselling to educate him about HIV, he joined our sponsorship program, received the vital support packages that ensures he can eat every day, have free access to health care, go to school and begin a new part of his life.6 years later, he is now working at a hairdressers, as an intern and is learning how to cut hair. It’s always been his dream to work in fashion and beauty and he is determined to achieve it!

We are immensely proud of Paing Nyein and he is a powerful example of how, with the right support, anyone can improve their life and dream big!

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