When we first met Bote Son Ma, she was 9 years old and was in urgent need of support. She had never been to school and sold watermelon at the local market to help her family. She has 6 other siblings and her parents couldn’t not support them all.

We immediately started to sponsor her and her little sister to help them improve their wellbeing and begin education. 6 years later, she is now in grade 6 and dreams one day of having her own clothes business where she can design her own clothes and create a shop to help make all her friends look beautiful. She likes to play with her brothers and sisters and tries to make them clothes, but her brothers always complain and run away!

She often asks us to tell her sponsor how grateful she is of their help and wants to one day be able to thank them in person for helping change her life so much.

Bote Son Ma in 2020!
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