Ei Thandar is a seventeen-year-old girl who resides in Hlaing Thar Yar, one of Yangon, Myanmar’s main slum areas. Her family consisted of her grandmother, her older sister, and herself since her parents passed away. Her older sister does odd jobs as a street vendor, is the family breadwinner, and takes care of both the grandmother and Ei Thandar.

With the country’s economic turmoil, the family of three has been struggling with just the older sister’s income, and Ei Thandar started to consider a way for her to support the family. The family, Ei Thandar, and the child sponsorship team from SANNI Foundation Myanmar discussed the best way possible based on the child’s interest and enrolled her in suitable tailoring training.

Ei Thandar was not sure if she would be able to catch up with the training and had no confidence before, but we are amazed by her passion and all the projects she has completed in the training. The child is delightful and appreciated for every single support that the SANNI Foundation has done for her and also for this vocational training because she got a chance to learn something that she can use as her future career when most of the children from their slum area cannot even dare to hope to have this supportive sponsorship who always looks forward to her best self. We are proud and happy to share the progress of the child with pictures here.

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