Letter from Corinne Fischer

To the friends of the SANNI Foundation

Why I am so committed to the foundation

The SANNI Foundation – a dream come true
Since my youth, I have had one dream: “to one day run a children’s home in Asia”. My commitment to the SANNI Foundation is taking me a big step closer to fulfilling this dream.

Susanne has always kept me updated on the activities of her parents’ foundation in Southern India. Thus it came about that we sent a larger donation to India at the end of 2009. A year later I travelled to Thiruvananthapuram with Susanne in order to inaugurate the construction of a school we were financing. Once we were there, she told me of her wish to establish a foundation and asked me if I would like to be involved as a board-member. I of course immediately and happily said YES.

Taking on responsibility
Our generation has enjoyed peace and prosperity. I am grateful for the rich and fulfilling life I am allowed to lead. This is the source of my desire to give something back to society. People’s individual misfortunes touch me, and we have the opportunity to ameliorate suffering.

Shaping the foundation with passion
From the very beginning, I have been able to help shape the SANNI Foundation. I am thus 100 percent behind its activities and values. We guarantee that every franc goes directly to those in need, and we only support projects where we personally know the project leaders and fully trust them. We pay regular personal visits to the sites in order to inspect the implementation of the projects as well as the books.

My involvement in this foundation is very close to my heart. I am passionately dedicated to this cause and this foundation.

Witnessing the effect of our activities in situ
Looking into the faces of people whose suffering we are able to ease with our work; witnessing the laughter of children in our sponsorship programme – this is pure joy. Take, for example, Kishor, the boy I sponsor and whom I first saw four years ago. He was found alone on the streets, infected with HIV and very ill. He was brought to the children’s home in Thiruvananthapuram two days before our visit. Today he is a strong young man who will soon enter the world of work. Is there anything better or more useful in life?
These reasons are more than enough to inspire me each day to look for new donors for the SANNI Foundation.

They are also the reasons why we need you, a valued friend of the SANNI Foundation. Every franc counts, and directly and lastingly improves the situation of the local children and adults.

Corinne Fischer
Corinne Fischer
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