The first wedding at St. John’s

We are extremely happy and proud to announce on the 9th January, Julie – the eldest person in SANNI’s St John’s care home, married her partner Biju in a beautiful wedding.

For 8 years, we have supported and raised Julie and watched her grow into an intelligent and independent young woman. She recently graduated from university with a Bachelors in sociology and works at the SANNI Suptermarket. Biju has just completed his post graduate studies to become a teacher. Now, they are ready to start a new and exciting phase of their lives!

Both Julie and Biju are orphans and were born with HIV. They needed help to not only survive but to grow up healthy and educated. With St John’s hospital, we can also stop the HIV spreading to their child during pregnancy and help foster a new generation of HIV-free children. St John’s and SANNI have worked together to help make this happen and we are can’t wait to see what happens next!


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