Fatima is one of more than 500 children we have been able to support with an education and a path to a good life through the sponsorship programme. Her HIV-infected parents had neither the means nor the strength to raise her. At the age of eight, Father Jose and his team took her in with great care. From the very beginning, she was an open-minded and loving girl who was always motivated to participate not only in school but also in all extra-curricular activities.

Her sponsors enabled her to get a good education, she completed Higher Secondary School and then completed her diploma in computer engineering. After her graduation, the Muslim woman married Nizamudin, who is also HIV-positiv, in March 2020. He runs a beauty salon in the northern part of Kerala. And there, with the help of the SANNI Foundation, the young couple was even able to build their own house.

She is now 23 years old and the proud mother of a son who is healthy and HIV-free thanks to advanced medicine. We are very proud that we were able to give her a normal life in which she and her husband can earn their own living independently and be happy together.

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