SANNI Foundation creates positive future with vocational Training.

Hnin Shwe Yee was 16 years old when she came to the Motherhouse orphanage after both parents died. She was HIV positive without any proper treatment and she was very thin with skin infections across her body. She also has a mental disability that made it hard for her to understand and interact with other people. The Motherhouse has given her a safe and loving home. Immediately, HIV treatment was started and her health improved significantly. Being back in a healthy stable position, the Motherhouse organized a tailoring apprenticeship for her. At first she was a little nervous but once she got settled, her confidence and independence boomed! She likes sewing a lot and enjoys creating something herself and having a skill she can do herself. The goal of Hnin Shwe Yee is to prepare her for a self sufficient future with a solid vocation. She is fully on her way to this goal and is facing a positive and exciting future!

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