Sponsorship program brings hope and joy to the family – Akhila Roy.

Akhila Roy and her family struggle to earn enough to support themselves and keep the children in education. The father works hard to support his family of 7 but because of his HIV, his health is often too unstable to maintain a regular job.

SANNI now support 3 of the children of the Roy family, including Akhila, not only reducing financial pressures form the father but ensuring the children go to school. Akhila has since done so well at school, she has graduated from Pharmac school and has recently started an internship at a Government public health lab.

SANNI FOUNDATION SPONSORSHIP Program help these three children for their education (Akhila Roy – Ms. Monita Singh, Roshma Roy – Mr. Philip Erzinger and Roshen Roy – Julia+Gary Gahwiler).

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