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Dear Friends of the SANNI Foundation

November is an exciting month for the SANNI Foundation! We will be participating in the “Green Friday” movement, which is on November 25th. This is the counter-movement to Black Friday, which raises awareness and promotes sustainable consumption.

Like last year, we will be partnering with OiOiOi, a sustainable Swiss start-up where you can rent – instead of buy – baby clothes! This circular economy saves on average between 70% and 90% CO2, water and textile waste. For every purchase at OiOiOi, a doctor’s visit in Myanmar is sponsored at the same time. In this way we can help the people in Myanmar as well as the environment at the same time! That means for all baby-moms and dads, check out Oioioi:

A doctor’s visit in Myanmar!

Shortly after, we will continue with our next initiative: the bicycle action in Myanmar!

Bring light and fun into the lives of many children by giving them a bicycle! The bicycle does not only mean endless fun for the energetic children, but it also enables them to be more independent! For the first time they will own a bike and will be able to go to school or explore their surroundings on their own!

Even more so, the bicycle can be a financial relief, since public transportation is becoming more and more expensive in Myanmar, which means more difficulties for families in precarious situations.

Another factor is the environmental friendliness of bicycles: the bicycle produces 0kg of CO2 emissions per year, compared to buses and trains, which produce 211kg of CO2 emissions per year.
This all shows the many important reasons for new bicycles for the children in Myanmar! The children, their families and the environment will be happy and thankful!

You can support this wonderful action with only CHF 50/ EUR 50 per bike!

The bicycles mean joy and independence for the kids

Things will get very exciting on November 29th, because it’s “Giving Tuesday,” the global day of giving and generosity! This day is all about doing good and bringing visibility to social engagement.

The SANNI Foundation will be part of “Giving Tuesday” with our new bicycle action and as the highlight of the action, all donations received for the bikes will be doubled! So, when you make a donation for one bike it means that a second child gets a bike too! It’s very easy to partake in our “Giving Tuesday” action: write “Giving Tuesday” as a remark when you donate, and your donation will be doubled!

Help to ensure low-cost and green mobility for children and their families by donating a bicycle for 50 CHF / 50 EUR!

With kind regards,
Susanne Schroff

P.S.: We will continue the bicycle action on Christmas, so we have already taken care of great gift ideas!

With a new bike the kids can explore their surroundings on their own!

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