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Dear friends of SANNI Foundation

Since the coup in Myanmar on 1 February last year, the country has been in a devastating, civil war-like state, which is only marginally covered in our media landscape. The United Nations Development Programme predicts that before the end of this year, half of the population will be below the absolute poverty line, i.e. with an income of no more than 1.90 USD per day. As always, children in particular suffer the most and need our support more than ever!

Read in our newsletter what we are currently doing in this country and how you too can help an affected child to have a brighter future with less than one euro or franc per day. SANNI Foundation is grateful for every support and recommendation and we guarantee that 100% of the money donated will reach those in need!

We wish with all our hearts that peace will soon return – not only in Myanmar!

With warmest regards,
Susanne Schroff

The loss of a generation

A UN report dated 14.06.2022 entitled “Losing a Generation: How the military junta is attacking Myanmar’s children and stealing their future” describes the deeply distressing situation in this country. The report divides the negative consequences into the four sub-areas: Children in Armed Conflict, Education, Economic and Humanitarian Crises for Children, and Health and Nutrition. Read more

Particularly alarming are also the reports from our team in Myanmar, which reports a dramatic increase in cases of child abuse. To prevent and protect children, our motivated and committed local staff have therefore developed a program to address this problem, which we supported immediately. In general, we consider ourselves very lucky that we can continue to provide help in this troubled country through functioning local structures with our partner Medical Action Myanmar and secure ways of transferring money.

In addition to our clinic and the children’s home, we are currently supporting 400 children through our sponsorship program and will add 50 more children this year. Due to the particular hardship, we have additionally taken various immediate measures, such as emergency cash aid, additional monthly food aid as well as support in returning to school and tuition fees.

In June 2022, the schools reopened after being closed for almost 2 years. Education is an important first step for many of these children to have a chance for a better future. Therefore, we ensure the children’s education by providing school uniforms, backpacks, umbrellas, lunch boxes, water bottles, baskets, stationery and covering the school fees and school transport costs.

Phoo Yadanar wants to become a teacher

The photo above was taken about 8 years ago. During one of my regular visits, I met Phoo Yadanar at our Lotus Clinic and learned about the fate of this adorable girl. Her mother died giving birth to her, her father abandoned the girl and left her with her grandmother. Her aunt had to support the family from her small salary as a worker in a soap factory. Although schools are free in Myanmar, it is not a matter of course for many children to attend them, as they are not provided with school uniforms and textbooks. When we first met, she promised me that she would learn a lot if we supported her. Her dream was to become a teacher. News like this encourages me to do more to help these people have a better life!

Today she is 17 years old and has not been able to attend school for the last two years. However, last month she completed a computer course, one of the many extracurricular courses we have offered to adolescents during this difficult time. Currently, she has the option of either returning to school or being placed in our training centre where she can start an apprenticeship. We care for each child until they are able to feed themselves.

Help to give children a better future

Would you also like to contribute to a better future for one or more children? For less than 1 CHF or 1 EUR per day (360 CHF or 300 EUR per year) , you can sponsor a child in Myanmar and join our mission. A sponsorship provides a child living in poverty with support in the areas of nutrition, education, household and hygiene, as well as special lessons and vocational training when they are older. You can find more information at:

You don’t want to make a long-term commitment, but want to provide important help in the current emergency? Donations of any amount to our Children’s Fund, the funds of which go exclusively to the children of Myanmar, are always welcome. For more on this, see:

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