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There is good news from India (an excerpt of Father Jose’s half-year report):

  • After two years of COVID pandemic season we are slowly coming to the normal situation.  The Covid Pandemic was really a great Learning experience and it gave us more strength and Capacity to take up challenging situations. Our hospital team responded very much as a committed team to render service at this Pandemic. With the support of Sanni Foundation we could treat more than 2000 Covid patients and we could save many lives.  We also provided with the support of Sanni Foundation   emergency food support to many needy families during the time of Covid lock down.
  • St. John’s with the support of SANNI Foundation Women Empowerment program started to support a few families in poultry development, goat rearing, agriculture and mushroom farming. Also with the support of Sanni Foundation we are initiating the palliative care and general duty nursing training for 20 unemployed women and these women will be given placement in our health sector.
  • New academic year started on 01 June 2022 after two months of Summer holidays. Children are very happy to go to school after a long holiday. This year we are happy to inform you that after a long wait of 14 years our HIV infected children are allowed to attend the regular schooling in our nearby schools. Earlier our HIV children were only enrolled in the school and classes were arranged in our care home.  Now we are happy that the stigma is very much reduced among the local community. Parents are accepting our children without stigma and fear.
  • We have organised a SANNI Butterflies Summer Camp for our children for 7 days in May 2022 in our St. John’s campus. 262 children participated for this camp. We focused on personality development, leadership training, fun and thematic games. The children were divided into 4 groups and each group has two leaders. These groups have more entertainment programs (funny games, theme presentation, group activities, dances and healthy competition was organised between each group.

In Myanmar, however, the situation is more challenging:

  • Supporting children in Myanmar is more important than ever: the United Nations Development Programme predicts that before the end of this year, half of the population in Myanmar will be below the poverty line, that is living with an income of less than 0.90 USD per day. As always, children in particular suffer the most from this.
  • Especially alarming are the reports from our team in Myanmar that the cases of child abuse have increased significantly. For the prevention and protection of children, our motivated and committed local staff have therefore developed a program to tackle this problem, which we will support with 100,000 USD.
  • In general, we consider ourselves very fortunate that we can continue to provide aid in this troubled country through functioning local structures with our partner Medical Action Myanmar and secure ways of transferring money.

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